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The Haunted Hospital of Scottsville Ky Boris pick of the week.

Posted by Ron Cushman on October 17, 2010 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

On a lonely hilltop in Scottsville Kentucky stands an abandoned hospital.

Years of neglect, overgrown shrubbery and ancient trees that stab at the moon with skeletal fingers, all play a part in the natural ambience of this long forgotten place of pain, suffering, hope, dreams, madness, life and death.  The actual feeling of anguish can overcome you in some spots here..why?  Because it is truly haunted.  The old War Memorial Hospital on Hospital Hill is home to the haunted hospital haunted attraction and...a host of real spirits.  But I will get to that a little later. First, I was litteraly shocked at how much this building resembled the house in the original "House on Haunted Hill" with Vincent Price.  You could not have had a studio build a closer replica and the creepy thing is..this is the original hospital design..with no alterations.  Once inside, you wait in the original administration lobby. There is a small antechamber where you can have your photo taken in a coffin. (This is a great idea.)  There is a display cabinet with old headlines photos ect and plenty of stuff to look at while you wait plus the over all look of the abndoned building with it's chipped plaster and sagging ceilings..lends to your anticipation.  Once inside, you are treated to some of the best visually appealing scenes anywhere.  This is largely in part that it has not been altered from it's decaying state and all of the "props" are pretty much real.  The lighting is subdued and ethereal in tones of blues and reds and there is no use of "haunted House" sounds...just the disturbing drone of some large machine somewhere that you never really see and sort of hope that you dont.  Scenery is crammed everywhere and all the rooms have interesting "static scenes" that rival year round haunts like "Ripleys."  They never steer away from the story and your over all experience is chilling.  The actors are great and they do scare at the right moments...but this haunt really counts on your initial reaction.  You are not pushed forward as in some haunts and you can actually look at the scenery and from time to time even feel the cool autum breeze flowing through an open window. 

I will not pin point any "stand outs" here because I want you, the reader, to experience the distrubing adventure for your self.  I will point out that the grim reaper appears at one point and delivers one of the most chilling speeches you will ever hear.  My only complaint was that he was not wearing gloves and his wedding band made me laugh..(Can you imagine the bride of death...?)  For artistic creativity this haunt get a solid 9 out of ten because there were a few spots in which the story lulled.  For scares they rate an 8 out of 10..this is because some actors linger a little too long and the shock value becomes lessened...Scare us, let us go...suprise us again later.  The doctor/surgeon in the first scene is superb at this...he gets you at least 6 times or more by suprising you..letting you forget about it...and catching you again..the rest of the actors should take notice of this. Also, yes clowns scare people..but the funhouse..scene doesn't work here. Maybe a childrens ward with the ambient sounds of childrens laughter and a single clown with some younger actors...could amp this up.

Our score over all?  8 out of 10.

The Haunted Hospital also offers avernight paranormal investigations.  This will be the home of our first live web cam feed and podcast in November when we will present "Tennessee Haunted Adventures...a night on Hospital Hill".  Visit www.thehauntedhospital.com for more info

They are running against The Massacre in Bowling Green for the Silver Scream Award.

Massacre Bowling Green Kentucky one of Haunt worlds top haunts in Kentucky

Posted by Ron Cushman on October 17, 2010 at 3:04 AM Comments comments (0)

Sweat runs down your face in rivers...you look desperately for a place to hide...your heart pounds in your chest.  Suddenly a chilling scream peirces the darkness and you see a helpless young girl covered in blood, dressed in tattered clothes. Before you can reach out to her a mad man winds is hands in her hair and drags her screaming across the floor...she lashes out with a baseball bat hitting him in the shin...this pisses him off and he shoves her in a refrigerator...it's your turn.

Sounds like a new horrror film?  Maybe a bad dream?  No...the scene I described is quite real. Disturbingly, frighteningly, REAL!  The "Massacre" haunted attraction at the KOA campground on Three Springs Road in Bowling Green Kentucky could very well be the most frightening haunt this reviewer has ever witnessed in his 30+ years in the industry.  Played out as the story of mass murderer "Otis Schaefer", this is the absolute best version of story/haunt I have ever seen.  After viewing a short video of the past events in the house on Three Springs Road, you are literally forced to relive it in gut wrenching, heart pounding reality.  The outside of the haunt is misleading...my crew ad I were ready to write it off as a "Sunday School" haunt.  Completly void of any decoration, sound effects, fog or anything...(except gothic rock and metal playing through the speakers). It is truly just a house.  But..it's what's beyond the doors that is relentless.  Dear readers, this haunt has scaring down to a mathematic equation.  It is exactly like a movie. The scares start simple and build your anticipation as you travel past disturbing scenerios leading you further into madness.  No cobwebs or moody lighting or props really to speak of. It is a house and the producers of this show use that to an advantage.  The inhabitants are stark raving mad and they make you BELIEVE IT.  The scares start to become loud, gory, disgusting and vile but in a tasteful manner much like a Tobe Hooper film. It is near the end of the attraction that all hell breaks loose.  My crew and I were pummled from all directions by screaming victims, mad men in pigs heads, sqwalling saws and blood...tons of blood. I personally lost my breath and leaned against a door jam just as a flailing body crashed through it landing on the floor. The girl looked up at me with tears in her eyes..(really) and softly said "help me...their going to kill me." I...believed it with all my heart.  This really can not even be classified as a "Haunt" it is more professional theatre with audience participation.  Every single actor should be commended and the producer/owner should hold his head high with pride...it is AMAZING!

Downside?  One crawl space where I cut my head on a piece of wood jutting out in the dark.  BUT, I explained this to a worker outside and was promised that it would be fixed and would never happen again.  Looking back, it was probably my own fault since I was so caught up in the story I lost touch with reality for a moment.  This goes to show that expensive props and animations are great...but it's the actors that make you or break you...these actors truly make the "cut".   "Massacre"  Three Springs Road in Bowling Green Kentucky just off exit 22 on I65 coming from Nashville, just past the Flea World flea market...Go to our links page for the link and more info. This attraction is not new since they have been doing mainstream haunts for awhile. So they are catogorised with Haunted Hospital  and they are up for the 2010 Silver Scream Award! The "Haunted Forest and spooky Hydratrek ride is NOT operating. The ad at SOKY is wrong..this is simply a hydratrek (amphibious vehicle) ride through the woods at night.

Rating:  Solid 10 out of 10 in the "Indoor" catagorie making it #1 indoor attraction in South Western Kentucky this week.


Haunted Nashville one of the top 25 must see attractions in America!

Posted by Ron Cushman on October 10, 2010 at 9:34 AM Comments comments (0)

A couple of years ago, I was in Louisville for a comic/horror convention with my friend Jeff Preston.  We were promoting his "Terror on the Square" production and after a long day we were in the hotel bar having drinks with George Romero and Anne Francis.  Anne Francis, as some of you know, was the "mannequin" lady in the infamous Twilght Zone episode 34, season one, "The After Hours".  She played Marsha White (No not the flour..that's MARTHA WHITE.) She was a mannequin that was allowed to be real for a certain amount of time. I told Anne that this episode creeped me out and George agreed.  Years later I was on the set of "Dearly Departed" with Joyce Dewitt..(the bubbly brunette from Threes Company) and Joyce told me that it bothered her too.  Mannequins are creepy, they scare me and obviously alot of other people as well.  This topic will return later in this review.

"Haunted Nashville" is Nathan P. Hamilton's enormous contribution to the Nashville area haunts.  It is located in an old "Hill's" Department store building in Hermitage Tennessee, next to a bowling alley and game center. The outside of the haunt is void of decoration...but that does not matter..it's what is inside that truly counts.  Whe you get inside, that is.  I will start with the chaos known as "the admissions line."  My crew and I arrived at 8:00 and the "will call" line (for those fortunate enough to have bought their tickets on line) and the "box office" line (for those that purchase their tickets when they arrive.) Both lines stretched into oblivion.  We opted for the "Box office" because I enjoy listening to people discuss other haunts.  I will say that the first 20 minutes in this line...it did not move.  Several people left. Others sat down and began singing Kumbaya...a tumbleweed blew past.  One thing I abhor while waiting in line is large groups that get larger and this happened alot...for there was no security watching this line. You know what I mean. a large group is ahead of you..they are joined by three friends...they are joined by four more friends...meanwhile you move further and further back until you trip over a skeleton of someone whos been waiting longer than you.  Now most of the time we are invited to review a haunt and we are placed on a media list.  I wanted to pay for "Haunted Nashville"..so don't ask me.."why didn't you go to the front of the line?"  That's coming.  Eventually a security person appeared and told the line.."If you want to purchase a slash pass, come with me"  My crew and I stampeded past him to the short line near the door.  He gave us orange armbands...we waited.  A supervisor (I'm guessing this is what this person was) came out and proceeded to pull the security person to the side...apparently he had screwed up the flow of customers some how...really? You would have never have known..it was now...9:30.  We waited...another tumbleweed blew past...finally at 9:45 we approached the ticket window. LACK OF COMMUNICATION is rampant these days.  I told the girl at the window I needed four "slash passes" she said "what?"

I said it again...she said "Your wearing an armband?"  I said...yes I support haunt awareness...no really I need a slash pass.  She walked away while saying quite loudly..."I don't know what to do with this one!"  Am I fish? Was I about to be thrown back?  Another attendant appeared and sold us our passes..we were on our way...10:15.  Inside was almost void of people waiting to get inside the attractions, despite large que lines...I scratched my head..hmmm.  We were ushered into a room and had our picture made. This is a nice touch but it's 10.00 if you want to buy it.  After paying 120.00 for for four slash passes..it should be included..along with the "free merchandise" that supposedly came with the pass...I never saw any free merchandise. EDIT: Free Merchandise was while supplies last...my mistake:)  FINALLY we were about to enter the first haunt.

Turbidite manor:  Sometimes every thing that pisses you off before hand can be taken away in a moment by one person.  That's the case here.  The attendant/hostess was exquisite. She was well versed in the story, a great public speaker, very nice and thorough with the rules and regulations.  We entered.  This haunt is special.  Nathan has featured it in California and other places and it has even been featured on "Jimmy Kimmel".  It is stuffed to the gables with detail and features some of the best "ghost effects" this side of Disney.  I would also like to add that if you are familiar with "The Hallowed Haunting Grounds"  an incredible yard haunt in California I visited many times, you will feel a tinge of nostalgia.  The haunt features memorable scenes and props form the defunct haunt, my favorie being the ghostly couple waltzing as the harp strums away by unseen hands. Nathan was involved with Hallowed and it's finesse is displayed here in ghoulish glory.  This haunt is low scare and can be attended by children with adults.  My only beef is that one spectaclar illusion involving a rocking chair...was not working. But no one would have noticed but me..so no harm done. This haunt recieves a 10 out of 10.

House of Distortions: Mannequins creep me out.  So this had me squirming.  It is fashioned after an old dark ride that was built by the assistant to Tesla..(The man who created  the infamous Tesla coil?)  Upon entering you are thrust into the world of Tobe Hoopers "Fun House" and the After dark Film Festvals" "Darkride". You weave in an out of spectacular scenes, depicting the inner workings of a turn of the century dark ride."  The make up and costuming are theme park quality an I must say that it became increasingly difficult to tell who was a mannequin and who was real..."Anne"?  Baby, you would have felt right at home!  The sound effects were spot on, the lighting creepy and surreal and it actually felt like you were lost inside the workings of a dark ride.  My favorite scene is a vampire cavern where you are assaulted form all directions...yes..I screamed.  I have to take a moment and step back to the waiting line where we heard the strains of Verne Langdons "Phantom of the organ" (a wonderful album I purchased as a teen from Captain Company, through a Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine) I would love to have heard that played to the hilt through out this haunt..they go together like milk and cookies.  This haunt recieves a 10 out of 10. This is a HIGH scare haunt...watch the little ones...they will be sleeping with you after this one.

Epidemic:  After exiting I felt like I needed a shot.  This haunt feels a little like an after thought or just something to round out the program. It is a HUGE step up from "Ridlles of Horror" (last years game style haunt) But the actors in "Riddles" were very good.  So were these...but the over all experience was a little off.  It had great sound and lighting, fog was used to it's advantage..but it just never quite clicked. The story was played out well by two actors, the host at the door and the scientist inside who was hopelessly bogged down with paper work and in dire need of a stool sample..(lots of laughs here) The group we traveled through with had some decent screaming momentsso maybe it just didn't fil my taste..so I give it a firm 8 out of 10.  This is a medium scare haunt.


Over all "Haunted Nashville" is great fun.  I would love to get a chance to actually sit down with Nathan and share ideas..it has the potential to rival "Netherworld" in time.  But right now he is octopus man running around hither and yon running this massive attraction pretty much single O.  For that I commend him deeply.  Vist www.hauntednashville.com for info on times and dates and...BUY YOUR TICKETS ON LINE! lol.          Ron.

Skeleton's Lair Haunted Woods one of Haunt worlds top haunts in Kentucky

Posted by Ron Cushman on October 9, 2010 at 12:33 AM Comments comments (0)

Seldom do i start a review with this statement "I was floored" but...I was.

Skeleton's Lair Haunted Woods in Bowling Green Kentucky is in it's eleventh year.  It started as a haunted trail...added a hay ride...now a 3D walk through.  This is a winning combination for this attraction.  Situated just over the Allen County line is where you will find this haunted jewel. First impressions mean alot with me and the parking won my heart right away, attentive staff, level parking, grass cut, well lit. It was very appealing.  The entrance to the haunt is well placed too. You walk along a dark and eerie path accentuated with music, sound effects and static scenes bathed in fog. THIS is what I am always preaching about...SET THE MOOD!  They do an they do it with finesse.  The only thing I longed for while waiting for the first attraction was a preshow. The set up is perfect for a character in a small scene to tell you a short legend or story to keep you entertained while you wait...but we didn't wait long. My partner pointed out that the concession stand was nearby the waiting line and that, in his book, is a huge plus.  This review will continue in three parts with the first being:


Gold City Ghost Ride:  This hay ride harkens back to the time of the old west.  It is highly themed and laid out very well.  The scares come fast and unexpected and the wagon I was in was in a total frenzy.  My partner and I were in a wagon filled to the brim with 15 adults..let me repeat that..ADULTS, college students, big farm men with their dates ect  and by the time we rode into the first scene...the wagon was a mass of flailing arms and legs and screams. I had the experience of having a grown man land in my lap and hide his face in my shoulder..repeating "make it stop."  I kid you not.  The only effect I would have the slightest complaint about was a falling billboard that triggered before we got to it. It would have been more startling if it happened half way past.  The actors on this hay ride are relentless, athletic, in your face and totally into their job...they recieve an A+.  My observation of the actual ride though, was that the driver needed mirrors or an attendant on the wagon because there was alot of disrespectful tearing of corn and grabbing of props by the aforementioned college students...but they got their come uppance...as you will read later.  At the end of this hay filled fright fest you exit to continue to the next attraction.


Heckleville Haunted Woods: Knotts Berry Farm's event "Knott's Scary Farm" would not have been better.  This was a truly enjoyable and surprisingly long trail.  Clean as a pin and every prop in place. This haunt really takes care of it's props and pays attention to traffic flow much like Disney World.  The actors are placed perfectly keeping it interesting and scary to the last minute.  There are no lulls in the journey, no time to get bored and so much to look at that you should actually go twice just to see it all.  Before entering the woods our college students..(I told you this was coming) decided to relieve themselves.  One in the corn field and one...right behind me. The one that walked into the corn was caught and reprimanded by the hostess at the entrance.  She was polite but firm and got her point across quickly...he hung his head in shame and ducked back into line.  The one behind me?  Let's just say that I personally am of an "alternate state" I made a comment that...let's just say I don't think he will do that in public again...I scared him more than any monster could have.

Back to the woods.  I will not give away the total journey but I will point out one good thing and one bad thing.  The good thing? An enormous funeral home scene that rivals top grade movie sets..I mean that.  The bad thing?  Actually it's two in one.  After crossing a small suspension bridge we entered a sort of slaughterhouse scene.  The actor here did nothing..I mean nothing. Yes he was young..but I mean...nothing.  He stood there and watched us pass without so much as a boo. This was unacceptable.  Next?  How many times can you hear "What are you doing here?" at the top of someones lungs before it becomes annoying?  I counted at least four actors whose favorite phrase was "What are you doing here?" (add about three of these !!!) This..and it hurts me to do this...takes away one point.  But for the most part..these woods were perfection.  I have to add one more thing (I always give credit to outstanding actors) The vampire on stilts was INCREDIBLE, period.  He had the perfect act, stance, demeanor, everthing...this actor makes up for the "What are you doing here!" scenerio..so if the owners read this...give this actor a button...he got you a perfect 10 for these woods.


Skeletal Visions 3D:  First things first.  Hands down the nicest hostess I have ever met this side of Dollywood.  She was kind, attentive and just huggable..I loved her.  The interesting thing outside of this attraction are the mine cars...I WANT THEM..(sorry I just had to express that.)  This haunt is a typical chromadepth haunt, with a skeleton theme.  The art work is outstanding (3D outstanding? Get it?) it really is well done.  The clown that inhabits this haunt gets an A for effort...it must be hard operating an entire attraction alone so he get's kudos. Strangely though it does not employee alot of the scare tactics these haunts usually have..."drop panels", "doors that are painted on the wall that have real door knobs."  (trust me..it is truly funny to watch people in 3D glasses try to open a door that is painted on the wall.) but I will chalk that up to the designer and maybe it wasn't the designers vision to use "fun house" effects.

This is a must see attraction.  Amy Burge has definatley got a haunt to be proud of.  She has obvioulsly studied this industry and most of all..paid attention.  Skeleton's Lair gets a solid 10 out of 10 placing it at the top this week.  Cost is 18.00 which is very affordable for such a classy attraction.  Visit www.skeletonslair.com for all the info. Boris was with me on this trip and he said: "The only thing wrong with this haunt is that you have to leave when your through...I could have easily went through three more times and enjoyed each time as much as the first."





Ripley's Haunted Advenutre of Gatlinburg Tn

Posted by Ron Cushman on October 8, 2010 at 11:21 AM Comments comments (0)

Alot can be said for professional, year round, attractions.

Some good, some bad. Such is the case with Ripley's Haunted Adventure in Gatlinburg Tennessee.  Literally crammed into the many museums and attractions on the parkway, this haunt makes excellent use of it's space and surroundings.  I can remember the impression it made on people back in 2000 when it was fresh..(I myself, stood outside doing the pee pee dance and drooling waiting to get inside.) It's themeing is creepy and surreal with it's massive facade of an ancient casket factory, humming machinery sounds creep out from time to time from inside it's walls and a creaky old inclined service elevator takes you from the sidewalk to the entrance on the second floor.  It's ballyhoo on the side walk is a "half man" illusion that taunts guests as they pass by.  I will state here that for atmosphere, night time is the best time to go with it's eerie lighting and fog..it is truly an impressive site.  Upon purchasing your ticket you make your way to the elevator where you ride up to the entrance..here is something strange..half way up it stalls for a moment and then continues. I'm not sure what this effect achieves other than confusion, as to whether your too large and the elevator is straining to get to the top, or it's a safety precaution. Either way, it seems a little odd.  Once at the top you are greeted by a host that gives you the rules of the haunt. The lobby of this haunt is amazingly detailed with caskets and coffins and old ads with rotting flowers and cobwebs strewn everywhere.  Once you leave this scene though the adventure slowly loses it's theme and traverses into a mish mosh of ideas that play out like a walk through a haunt prop show room.

You travel from mad scientist, to asylumn, torture chamber, vampire crypt, cave, junk yard, ect.  This year round haunt does offer live actors but they are few and far between..(mostly the same actor traveling ahead of you via an unseen hallway to scare you at another point further ahead.)  Now when I first visited this haunt in 2000 it was amazing and every little detail worked. The stunts were new and the experience entertaining. On my recent visit? Very few animations worked, the timing was off and one of it's most interesting effects..(A pitch dark room with voices that whispered in your ear) gone. It has fallen into what I call "tourist trap syndrome".  The attraction is so busy that the owning company spends no time up grading. Believe it or not..(no pun intended) they do have repeat business and eventually those who loved it..grow weary of the same things year after year. It should be treated like a theme park with something new and interesting added form time to time. It's sad to hype the attraction to your friends and then walk through it with very few effects actually working.  When I visited this summer with my partner..who had never been.  He was very disapointed in the over all experience.  This attraction is good, don't get me wrong.  if you have never been, you should try it.  But with so many new effects and props on the market, I believe it is time for a MAJOR over haul.  Ripley's Haunted Adventure also offers "Fright Nights" in October where they step up the game a few notches.  Boris will be reviewing that event on October 29th...so watch his page for a follow up.

check this out

Posted by Ron Cushman on October 3, 2010 at 4:08 PM Comments comments (0)

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Scream Creek at Honeysuckle Hills Farms

Posted by Ron Cushman on October 2, 2010 at 7:58 AM Comments comments (0)

Seldom do you find a pumpkin farm that has it's act totally together...(other than Roloff Farms from "Little People Big World.) But Honey Suckle Hills Farms in Springfield Tennessee does.  The staff for the most part is quite friendly..(the ones operating the hay rides don't speak unless spoken to.) The cashiers are attentive...(except for one who gave me back the wrong change...but realised it at once and fixed the problem..kudos!)  So to give it full attention I will be reviewing it in two parts:

Part One (Farm Attractions)

Honeysuckle Hills evening attractions are plentiful. From a huge "jumping pillow" called the "Corn Popper" to it's pumpkin train and "Tennessee Twister" Vortex Tunnel. It also has a HUGE interactive corn maze that features a game that resembles "Barnyard Clue".

The hayride to the corn maze is where I will begin. It is more of a wagon ride in a large enclosed wagon that has been fitted with benches.

Here was the only problem. All of these sort of attractions I have been on had "safety speils" letting you know to sit down, the wagon was about to move or hold on because the wagon may jerk before your ride beigns. This particular ride had none of the above...the outcome? When the wagon started it lurched forward and I banged my head against the metal wall because I was not prepared for the wagon to lurch forward. A little girl was standing having her picture made and was knocked to the floor.  No one seemd to notice...except for my throbbing head and the irritated mother.  I pointed this incident out to a host who identified himself as the owners father and he said it would be taken care of ASAP...it was. I returned later in the evening to ride again and this time it was smooth sailing...but still no safety speil. The Flashlight Corn Maze was HUGE and a ton of fun as my crew and I raced around in the dark with a little flash light gathering clues. (I know I'm 43...but I couldn't help but relive my childhood of playing hide and seek in the rows of corn on my grandmas farm,) In all, all the night time attractions, the quaint gift shop with affordable prices and the lovely picnic shelters get an A+.


Part Two (Scream Creek)

I will start with my pet peeve.  When you have a great facade...UTILIZE IT!  Scream Creek sports a large facade which looks like a sort of mining facility shed flanked by two powder kegs near the roof which feature pyrotechnic effects...I know this because of the little blue flames that are emitted from the gas jets, not because it did anything...because it did not and I was in line 20 minutes waiting to enter. Also, no sound effects, no line actors (except for one ingenious scarecrow stalk around that scared the s*** out of me.) A waiting line should build anticipation and excitement...it was quiet and reserved.  Then we entered....OMG!  It was the longest...darkest...most claustrophobic mine shaft I have ever been in.  It was excellent, filled with screams and groans and yells and surprises from the ceiling and walls. This is how you start a class A attraction. After moving through this area you came to a fabulous cemetery scene with two of the best Zombie actors I have ever encountered. Then after traveling along the path you came to the best new/old effect I have seen in awhile.  I say this because..well..let me describe it. Scream Creek is in a valley and the mine shaft is high on a ridge...how do you get to the valley? An ENORMOUS SLIDE!  This 60ft tube slide is the only way to enter the woods below and I will tell you now that it's fast, it's dark, it's pretty damn sweet.  Once your at the bottom, things get a little mundane.  Don't get me wrong, the actors are great and the scenery is great but it's the same scenery and set up it has been for three years. The only sad face I had was when we turned a corner to see a girl sitting by a fire. Just sitting by the fire...nothing else.  Was she roasting marshmellows?  Was this a break area? Was she telling campfire tales? I don't know and she did absolutely nothing to steer me otherwise.  After you trek through the woods you come to the end where you are driven back up the ridge in a hay wagon...I expected one last big scare while in the wagon...it would have been nice.

If I hade rated the enitre event at Honeysuckle Hills on just the haunt I would have rated it a seven out of ten...but when you add the staff, the other attractions ect...it gets a definate 8 out of ten.  They will recieve our honorable mention certificate for the slide and the mine shaft. The event is very affordable: 13.00 for haunt only or 18.00 combo that allows you to do all the attractions.  Visit www.screamcreek.com for directions and times.

Monster Mountain of Hendersonville TN THA Critics Pick

Posted by Ron Cushman on September 30, 2010 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Monster Mountain 2010 "Vamps of Vengeance"

Monster Mountain is a Northern Tennessee Icon.  It's rustic mountain side setting and backwoods feel gives it a chilling air of authenticity.  This years theme is "Vamps of Vengeance" I must say that I thought the title was a little cliche for a haunt but when I entered I found it a fresh approach to a classic theme.  The setting is this: You are a seeker and it is your job to make a heart pounding trek through an abandoned mountain town, over run by viscious vampires. The scenery in this haunt is nothing short of amazing. The attention to detail is breathtaking and the word that comes to mind is perfection.

The producers of this haunt have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the industry and they display it in grand fashion.  Everything here is professional. Crystal clear sound, eerie shades of LED lighting blending into the corners and crevices of an amazingly well thought out course of scenes. There is detail everywhere. I even noticed while traveling through one of the many caverns and mine shafts, that if you encounter a hole in the wall and you peer inside? You will see a static scene inside that adds dimension and realism to this production.  Some of the scenes that stand out are the full scale drive in theatre complete with cars and projection booth, with a full size screen showing "Lost Boys" (did I mention attention to detail?) The towns main street bathed in fog with zombies surrounding a blazing wrecked car. (The lighting and mood of this scene is truly chilling) and my favorite the Hillbilly Cabin which is masterfully inhabitied by actor Stevie Vaughn. This actor is a definate haunt pro...utilizing his skills to work the entire group of patrons and not just the front and back of the line.  All of Monster Mountains actors are fluent in their roles and any of them could take on a starring role in an independant horror film. They take their job seriously and it shows.

The only complaint I have is that one actor with a chainsaw, broke character and called out my partners name and asked if he was enjoying the haunt. I HATE THAT! Yes I am a reviewer but wait for my review..don't ask me what I think half way through the story...for this, they lose a point.

The admission is 15.00 and slash passes are available to get you to the front of the enormous lines.

The show is well worth the admission..hell, I would have paid 30.00 at Universal Studios and not have recieved a better show. Monster Mountain is the winner of our "Outstanding Achievment Award" and we will be delivering that closer to the end of the season.

www.monstermountain.net   for directions times and prices.  YOU SIMPLY MUST SEE THIS ATTRACTION!